My Muse has returned, again!

I guess when you're a muse you get a lot of vacation days...

Or maybe she was avoiding me because I was attempting to write a weak female character who would then grow into a strong character and that isn't my bag and apparently isn't my muse's bag either.

I scrapped everything I've written in Shadowland Book One and started new with a new angle and my muse apparently loves the new angle because she was right there, clapping her dainty hands and cheering me on! I wrote 6 pages today on my 1 hour lunch break. I haven't sat down at lunch and written for the whole 60 minutes since probably November (during NaNoWriMo I'm a lot stricter on myself because I want to get 10 years of straight wins under my belt before retiring from that whole annual fiasco. This year is year 9).

It was so awesome and I finally have true excitement for this story! I was struggling with the "weak female lead" idea because there is just too much exciting things that need to happen. I can't have my main character sitting around whining and crying for the first quarter of the book while she grows a backbone. It was annoying me and I KNOW it would annoy my potential readers.

So, Marietta is a bad-ass. Sure, her husband beat her, but she said, I'm not gonna take this and she tries to leave him but he's big and strong, like ox, and he throws her down the stairs instead. If he can't have her, no one can, type of thing. That's the first three pages I wrote today. Then shit gets weird.

I'm super excited about this new angle. And I know having Marietta as a weakling who grows a backbone is a stronger, deeper story, but for now I just want to get the main points of this book written. Skeleton style. I can layer in muscles and skin later on. This is how I work, people. And I want to be true to myself as a writer. So, hash it out the way I want, then go back and do the deep treatment on it to make it stronger.


What do you think... weakling who grows a backbone, or strong from the getgo?

Claire L. Fishback


C.M.Brown said…
Sounds like a good story line. I like to write the way you have described above, it just works that way for me. All the best.
It's important to know how you like to write and stick to what works for you!

(see my next post!)


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