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Kindle Scout - Help a Writer in Need (with a couple mouse clicks)

Hi friends!

TODAY IS THE DAY! My Kindle Scout campaign for THE BLOOD OF SEVEN has launched!

This means I need your help! As you may recall from my previous posts, Kindle Scout is a sort of crowdsourcing approach to publication based on reader nominations. The more nominations I get, the higher the chance Kindle Press will consider my book for publication.
On top of that, when it gets published, you get a free copy*! *With this free copy, I hope you'll read it and leave a glowing review. :)
Where to go: What to do: Read the book info and excerpt, then click NOMINATE! What ELSE to do (if you feel like it... which I hope you do): SPREAD THE WORD! Friends, family, co-workers, distant relatives, pets, strangers!
What people are saying about THE BLOOD OF SEVEN:
"If you enjoy genuinely creepy tales involving ancient tomes, mystery cults, and secret knowledge, look no further. Claire L. Fishback delivers a brave new voice in horror with this modern-day take …

The Blood of Seven Kindle Scout Campaign Launches Friday, February 24th!!!

Hi friends!

Remember my last post? I thought I was desperate to think about submitting my book to the Kindle Scout program? Well... I did it.

After reading a BUNCH of blog posts about different peoples' (I never know how to punctuate the plural of people's) experiences, I decided to take the risk and submit.

And now... my book, THE BLOOD OF SEVEN, has been chosen for a Kindle Scout campaign!


Now that that... and the celebratory cabbage patching... are out of the way, here's what you can do to help me.

I'll post another post on launch day with the live link to nominate my book. I'm also going to send out an email to my entire contact list (well, not the whole thing, because there are people in there who wouldn't give a rats ass about this whole thing).

Here's where you come in, my faithful fans and followers! When the link is live, if you would be so kind as to click it, then click nominate? I mean, obviously, you'll want to…

Kindle Scout - Am I desperate?

Dear faithful followers,

I know I begin every post this way, but IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME. I really ought to get better at keeping up with my blog.

The latest news is such:

Evil Never Sleeps has one last agent who is looking at it. All others have rejected it, including Pandamoon publishing, who I thought for sure would be a shoe in. I don't know why. I just had  high hopes.

So, one last agent who has taken almost a year so far to look at it. In the meantime, several people have read it and LOVED it. I'm not ready to take the self-publishing route just yet, but there is this thing called Kindle Scout that has intrigued me enough to start the submission process.

First step, create my book campaign. I actually painted a picture of my book cover for this, because I couldn't find anything free or cheap on the internet that I could muck about with in PhotoShop. I painted the painting, plopped it into PhotoShop, adjusted some levels and whatnot, and added the text. This is what i…