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Why I Run

My next post will be about the Conference... but today I wanted to focus on another part of my life. This is kind of a raw and open post sharing a little bit about me. I know I post about how far I've run in Facebook posts and it might annoy people (in which case they should just block my posts from appearing in their feed), but I wanted to write about why I run because I don't do it just so I can brag about mileage. Right now I'm running longer distances because I'm training for a race, but when I'm not training for a race, I'll still run (just not as far). The big part of it is mental health. I suffer from anxiety and depression. Running is the only thing that helps me through it without having to take brain altering medication (which I took for 3 years and the 3 months it took me to get off of it was hands down the worst 3 months of my life). Below are the other reasons why I run. I run to keep in shape. I run because I used to be pre-hypertension. I run for my s…

Tip when you're stuck: Work Backwards

This tip only works if you know what is going to happen at some point later in your book. So if you are a purist pantser, it might not work for you.

I've been stuck on my novel for the better part of a week. Maybe even two weeks (though I don't count last week because I was sick with the flu for most of it and slept a lot and watched almost all the episodes of Firefly).

I polled the Facebook community on what should happen next (gave them multiple choice options). Doing that alone helped me push through the start of the tough spot, but I came to another stuck point.

So you know what I did?

I hit enter a few times and typed in: "Stuff happens here" and kept writing as if that stuff had happened.

I worked backwards. You see, I KNOW what happens after this section I'm stuck on (this is the part in my freewrite summary where I stopped and hit enter a few times then started again "later". Kind of an "insert cool stuff here").

Once I got the creati…

CoGoWriCon Withdrawals

Wow. What a weekend.

I find myself a little grumpy today back at YODJ (Ye Olde Dae Jobb), and I believe it has to do with the fact that I spent three fantastic days surrounded by my kin and kindred. And now I'm back here. Behind the desk. Not writing, but working.

Makes YODJ seem like a waste of my time, actually.

But, I need money to pay the bills.

So, I'm having Writer's Conference withdrawals. Post Writer's Conference Depression. Whichever, I'm feeling a little down and wish the conference could have lasted one more day. But even then it wouldn't have been enough. I'd wish for one MORE day. Then another, then another. Because there's something about spending time with people who understand you, and people who are or have gone through the same up and down roller coaster called writing that gives you that sense of belonging. And anyone who knows about the heirarchy of needs, the need to belong is one of the top ones.

Though I feel blue today, I also fe…

Burn Notice: Perfect to learn the art of characterization

Fishubby and I recently started watching a series on Netflix called Burn Notice.

It. Is. Awesome.

And, every episode is the perfect example of how to tell a story. Conflict, motivation, deep characterization, everything.

I want to focus on characterization in this post.

Each character in Burn Notice has his or her own quirk that makes them different from every other character.

Sam Axe loves him some mojitos and is always good for a beer or a free lunch; and is the only character who calls Michael "Mikey".

Michael Westen's mom, Madeline, is a chain smoker (always seen with a cigarette between her lips).

Even minor characters, like Virgil Watkins, have their own distinctive "thing." Virgil, for example, can always get his hands on a boat for Fiona Glenanne to blow up.

Fiona is trigger happy and I swear that woman is always packing C4 to blow shit up.

Seymour (an arms dealer) loves his smoothies and has a useless body guard he calls Jackass.

Aside from that ther…