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Wow has it ever been a long time! I apologize profusely for that. I'm sure this won't be the last time, either. Some day I will have a regular posting schedule.

So, updates. Last we "spoke" I had decided to write with the door closed. I've also decided to change a lot about my story to bring it back to what I originally wanted it to be. A dark fantasy. Or a fantasy with horror elements. Or just something not so light and fluffy.

I've also taken out the portal aspect of it. I know I know... how on earth am I going to do this story without a portal?

Well, that's for you to wonder about, because I have it figured out. It is going to change EVERYTHING. In the beginning. But a lot of the story elements I had in previous versions will come back or stay the same.

I truly believe this story will be a lot stronger and the trilogy is the Five Lands trilogy because in this world there are five different lands. There's the land where the story begins, then there …