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A Short Rant about Amazon Reviews

Hi. Been a while, I know, and I don't wish to come back from a hiatus with a "grinds my gears" kind of post, but, well, here it is.

I get the Amazon Daily Deals emails for Kindle and I saw a mystery series going for $.99 so I decided to check it out. I have some mystery elements in my current WIP so it never hurts to read what's out there to get a clue (hehe, pun in tended) about writing mystery elements. I always look at reviews to see what people are saying.

I must pause here to confess I'm incredibly dubious of self-pubbed books on Amazon because I've been burned too many times by a book that doesn't deliver the promise in the book description.

Anyway, I usually check out the reviews starting with the 1-star and moving up to the 5-star reviews. Just to see the entire spectrum of what people are saying. If a book as a TON of 4- and 5-star reviews, I'll usually buy it. Even 3-stars are okay (according to Goodreads's rating system, a 3-star review…