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#nanowrimo2016 - This is going better than Expected... sort of

Hi friends!

I'm participating in NaNoWriMo again this year. I took a break in 2014, then pretended to do it in 2015, and now, with a fresh new MS to write, I'm back in 2016.

This is going better than expected... except... I'm a big fat NaNo-Cheater.

That's right. Full confession, right here, to all of my 20 or so followers who probably don't even read this (if you do, drop a comment so I know you're still breathing!!!)

I started this MS back in February or so, but when a couple of agents requested Evil Never Sleeps/The Blood of Seven, I put it on hold and worked on getting that MS in ship shape and polished to perfection (or as close as I could). Now I'm back to my new MS, Photos in Darkness (forevermore called PID).

So, my word count on Sunday mostly consisted of retyping some of the scenes I had previously written, because I felt like I needed to get back into the feel of the story I started to tell.

From this point forward, the rest of this month will be…