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Steal This

I just finished reading a gem of a little book called Steal Like an Artist. by Austin Kleon. It's a marvelous book that, all in all, reminded me to remember the little things about life. For me it was a combination "this is how you do it" book and a reminder to take time to stop and smell the roses. To notice things. To go and create and make things.

Which brings me to an update on the current WIP.

I have reached A Point.

A Point is a part in the WIP where I don't have a clue what happens next. I even left off with a little tiny cliff hanger - a twig snaps and someone behind Marietta says, "Don't move."

This happens after an escape/flee for her life scene and right at the minute she thinks she is safe from her pursuers.

But... I don't know who this mystery person is!

My friend Smite-Thee told me to just write it out, see where it goes. Discover who this person is as I write, which is the usual way I do things. For some reason, though, I've lost …

Permission to Suck: Granted

I was tooling around Facebook and happened upon a shared blog post that really resonated with me.

It's the blog of Jeff Salyards about a time he took his two-year-old daughter to the Renn Faire. She was enchanted by the fairies.

As anyone who's gone to a Ren Faire knows, the fairies are all animation and facial expressions. They don't speak. I, too, have been enchanted by none other than Twig the Fairy. She reached into a velvet bag and pulled out a stone and dropped it into my palm along with a good sprinkling of glitter. I still have that stone.

I believe it is, as my Twinkie says, my three year old sense of humor (which can also translate to imagination I'm sure).

Anyway, tangent... memories... sigh...

Jeff goes on to write about imagination and writing and all that and this one particular line resonated me on a level I can't even describe:

 I just have to give myself permission to suck and keep on keeping on so I can at least get something on the page to work wi…