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YODJ, Running, and More!

Life has been one big fat whirlwind lately! Hence the no contact. Sorry for the prolonged absence.

Ye Olde Dae Jobb (YODJ) has been hectic with preparations for a December 3rd Go Live on a huge project we've spent the past two years implementing peice by peice. It's only going to get busier. Which means my writing time is going to be limited. I may have to adjust my schedule to accomodate evening writing times, or get my butt outta bed to write in the morning (not likely since I love my sleep).

That being said, the current WIP has been put on hold for a couple weeks and my writing goals and deadlines are falling by the wayside.

On top of that, you may recall, I am training for a half marathon that takes place on September 30th. I got sick a couple Wednesdays ago and was off track with my training program for about 10 days. My first run in that time was yesterday and I feel like I'm back at square one, though I think I just had a bad running day. It happens. I had almost tw…

Pantsing: The Joy and Bane of my Writerly Existence

No, not pansing where you run up behind your friend and pull down their pants. I mean, writing by the seat of one's pants. The opposite of plotting.

Of course, if you're a writer, "pantsing" has become a term we all know well.

I am a beautiful blend of both pantsing and plotting. You see, I plot on a very high level. Point A-Z. I pants the rest. The rest being Point B, C, D, etc. All the little side trips my characters take on their way to the main points.

For example, in the beginning of my book, I have Marietta, young, abused housewife. I want to get her from being in the living world, to being in a coma and awakening in the Shadowland - an in-between life and death world.

In the process, I found out she has an inner alter-ego who is tough and strong and pushes her to make certain decisions.

The reason I love pantsing is because I never know exactly what is going to happen. It's a gift and a curse, however, when I have to keep rescuing my main character from al…