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#nanowrimo2016 - This is going better than Expected... sort of

Hi friends!

I'm participating in NaNoWriMo again this year. I took a break in 2014, then pretended to do it in 2015, and now, with a fresh new MS to write, I'm back in 2016.

This is going better than expected... except... I'm a big fat NaNo-Cheater.

That's right. Full confession, right here, to all of my 20 or so followers who probably don't even read this (if you do, drop a comment so I know you're still breathing!!!)

I started this MS back in February or so, but when a couple of agents requested Evil Never Sleeps/The Blood of Seven, I put it on hold and worked on getting that MS in ship shape and polished to perfection (or as close as I could). Now I'm back to my new MS, Photos in Darkness (forevermore called PID).

So, my word count on Sunday mostly consisted of retyping some of the scenes I had previously written, because I felt like I needed to get back into the feel of the story I started to tell.

From this point forward, the rest of this month will be…

My First(ish) Book Signing

If this was my "Author Baby Book" that would be the title of this page complete with pictures from the book signing and some fun paper and other embellishments (I scrapbooked for about a month one time... way too time consuming for me).

The actual first book signing was at Colorado Gold this year. But the book signing at Union Station was the first really public book signing.

And it was amazing.

Here's the set up... a dark alley, a bum sleeping by a dumpster, a man in a trench coat enters, "Are you the man who shot my dog?" ... wait wait wait... wrong setting.

Union Station, Denver, Colorado. 5:30pm.
We met up with a bunch of friends for happy hour/dinner. My dad and his girlfriend and a couple of their friends came, too. I hardly ate a thing. I was really nervous. I checked my watch constantly. When 5:45 rolled around, Fishubby walked me over to the Station. I didn't really know where to go, so we wandered around until I found Mario Acevedo, the editor of …

Found, an anthology by RMFW Authors


So, my short story, "Remembra" was accepted into an anthology earlier this year, and now the book is available!

You can pick it up from Amazon here, or click the image on the top right side of this page.

If you are in Colorado, there will be a book signing on October 5th, 7-9pm in the Great Hall at Union Station downtown Denver.

Please come! I'll sign your book!

Also, I pitched to another agent and she requested the first 100 pages and a synopsis. Woo hoo!

Peace and Keep Writing!

Claire L. Fishback

Colorado Gold is this weekend! Woo hoo!

My twin sister came for a visit last week, which always leaves me really sad for quite some time. Possibly an entire week. When we are together physically again, it is like our shared soul mends back together, and when she leaves, it is torn in two again. It's a painful parting, always.
What better way to "get over it" than to attend a writing conference?
Coincidentally, Colorado Gold is this coming weekend! I will be attending, and I will be pitching Evil Never Sleeps/The Blood of Seven to another agent. The more the better is what I always say.
Furthermore, I will also be looking at the latest edition of Writer's Digest, which happens to be the one about agents looking for new authors. I'll be sending out queries in the coming weeks.
I have sort of been in a holding pattern as far as noveling goes. I worked on a few short stories and submitted them to anthologies. One of them has moved on to the next round for consideration. One was rejected, but they let me su…

Follow up to: Writing Should Be Fun, or Why Evil Never Sleeps is On Hold

So, back in January (the last time I posted, egads, I need to be more active on my own blog), I posted the following... post, which explained why I was putting Evil Never Sleeps on hold.
I had two options, pitch Evil Never Sleeps at PPWC as is, or get a solid first draft of Photos in Darkness pounded out in time to pitch that instead.
I ended up pitching Evil Never Sleeps to Alec Shane of Writer's House (a big, fancy New York agency). And...
I also participated in The Ultimate Pitchfest here in Colorado and pitched ENS to my dream agent, Michelle Johnson. She requested the first three chapters and a synopsis and told me, "It was a really good pitch." Yes, that is a direct quote.
Once again, don't get all dance-baby-dance-like-the-world-is-ending just yet. Both of these agents just want to take a peek. It doesn't mean representation (though I hope to heaven it does!)
I worked my butt on in May and half of June to …

Let the Word Count Challenge BEGIN!!!

Inkygirl has a word count challenge. I'm taking part.

If you also want to take part, go here.

Peace and Keep Writing!

Claire L. Fishback

Writing Should Be Fun, or Why Evil Never Sleeps is On Hold

Hello my friends!

A lot has happened since I last wrote. First of all, I finished the edits on Evil Never Sleeps. Second, I submitted it to an editor at Harper Collins.

Yes, that's right.

At Colorado Gold this year, I met an editor from Harper Collins, chatted her up at dinner, and she requested my full manuscript.

Now, before you get all crazy happy dance cabbage patch face about it, she passed on it.

HOWEVER, her rejection was personalized, and she said, "I know you'll go far with this."

My first official rejection.

I know this book has been through so many revisions, versions, and edits, but I also know that it is currently making me miserable.

After a mixed response to my new, simplified opening, and weeks of text/email brainstorming with some of my critique partners, I came to the conclusion that I need to set this book aside for now. It pains me to do so, because it has come so far from what it was originally.

The fact of the matter is this...

Hello, my name is …