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Much needed advice

First, a confession. I haven't written in nearly a week. Maybe it has been a week. I honestly don't remember the last time I sat down and wrote. It's horrible. I've run into some kind of block. It could be fear based. It could be lack of planning. It could be I don't know what the hell my story is about or why I'm writing it. All I know is I'm stuck and I don't like it. (looking back at this paragraph it sounds mostly like an inner editor/critique sabatoging me).

Which really sucks because the last time I had a writing session, I remember it going very well. I wrote an actiony scene in which my MC did something she didn't know she had the ability to do, and then she passed out from the exertion/adrenaline.

Now she needs to wake up. Easy, right?

"Marietta woke up." Done. Yeah?

And I know what comes next. They have to go to a certain town and visit a certain person and beg/convince that person to do something for them. This will not be witho…

Finding the (my) Way - Laura Baker's Discovering Story Magic

What is "The Way?"

The Way is a writing method that works for you, and everyone's Way is different. This could be as simple as writing a shitty first draft that goes all over the place with inconsistent characters and plot holes large enough to drive a football stadium through and loose ends that blow in the breeze like underpants on a laundry line (I imagine old timey bloomers when I envision this).

That's how I used to do it.

Or it could look like intricate plot diagrams and scene lists that map out every single detail of the story down to the color of the characters' teeth at any given moment depending on what he or she ate or drank that day.

*YAWN* That's how I would NEVER do it (okay, I can't say never, but I find the passion of writing is in discovering the story as I go. Knowing everything before I begin is a major creativity killer, for me).

As you know, I took Laura Baker's Discovering Story Magic back in January, and for the first time I tru…