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"Give yourself the freedom to fail." - Alison Levine

Hi friends,

I just attended a webinar for project management by the amazing Alison Levine, author of ON THE EDGE, who climbed Everest TWICE. Though she had to turn back a couple hundred feet from the summit in 2002, in 2010, she made it all the way to the top. She is an amazing speaker, and had so many great lessons, not only for a PMP like me, but for the writer in me as well.

The main takeaway for me was: "Give yourself the freedom to fail."

Failure is important in everything. We learn from our failures. Alison mentioned we have a lack of tolerance for failure in our society, which is a shame. Lack of failure inhibits innovation. It halts our ability to advance. Her example was, without the first guys who made it to the summit of Everest, the next people to try would not have had the knowledge to make it, too. Every time someone makes it, there are more lessons learned to share with the next teams who try.

Other things she said that resonated with me are:

Fear is okay. Com…

My Experience with Kindle Scout

Hi friends!

Last Tuesday, I announced to you all that my book, THE BLOOD OF SEVEN, was not selected by Kindle Press, despite all the hard work I put in marketing it and getting the word out.

Today, I'd like to write about the experience, start to finish. I'll do all I can to keep any bitterness from creeping in, but I apologize in advance if it does. :)

If you want to know what Kindle Scout is, go here to learn more.

Step One: Create Your Submission

I crafted all the parts of my submission in Word so I could keep an eye on the character counts. YES, CHARACTER counts. Not words, letters and spaces and punctuation. The only exception from this character count "rule" was the title. The one liner, the description, the author bio, and the answers to the questions I chose all had character restrictions.

I get it. Kindle Press wants to know if you can succinctly define your book in all its parts and pieces. Once I got it whittled down to the bare minimum, I plopped the tex…


Hi friends,

So, I just got word that THE BLOOD OF SEVEN was not chosen by Kindle Press.


No need to send sentiments and sympathy. I'm good with this. It was something I tried, and part of me always felt it was a desperate measure.

I've already submitted it to a small publisher here in Colorado, and I plan to pitch it again at PPWC at the end of the month. I have options. And, now that I know I have a wide support group, I can only visualize success at this point!

Onward and upward!

I'm also nearly 40,000 words into the new novel, PHOTOS IN DARKNESS.

Stay tuned for more!

Peace and Keep Writing,
Claire L. Fishback