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10 Things to Remember: An Email to Myself

First, an update... NaNoWriMo was a smashing success. I managed to complete my 50,000 word story in the first 15 days, leaving me the rest of the month to work on my "serious" WIP.


I've been dealing with some kind of creative block lately. I've hardly written at all since I typed "The End" at the end of my HORRIBLE NaNovel, a zombie story that was confused, to be kind. So, I decided to write myself an email to remind me of a few things. As I was writing it, I realized, hey, this would make a great blog post!

So, here they are. The things I wanted to remind myself. Some of the things I got from other sources and posted about them before. Others I came up with RIGHT NOW.
Perhaps one or more of these things will help you, too!
1. Self-Validate. You don't need external validation. Whenever you want to ask someone what they think would work better, don't. Look inside yourself and give yourself the answer you want. If all else fails, roll…