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Colorado Goooooold!

This week I am recovering from an amazing conference - Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers' Colorado Gold.
It. Was. Amazing.
Day one - Master Class with the one and only Trai Cartwright. This chick is BRILLIANT. It was a character class called "The Last Character Class You'll Ever Need." I have to admit, I'm pretty sure the title is right.
The rest of the time was spent in and out of seminars, workshops, and classes.
And then, the drinking.
My critique group broke me with red wine.
Here's a tip to those of you out there who A) Don't drink very much, and B) Want to be able to function. DON'T DRINK YOURSELF INTO OBLIVION. or SAVE THE PARTYING FOR THE SECOND NIGHT AFTER THE BANQUET.
Yeah. That is all on that front.
In other news, I was talking to Petty's Creator about my writing. Here's a summary of that conversation:
Petty's Creator: How's your writing going? Me: Meh. I have like 11K on it. I keep getting stuck. In all the rewrites I reach a …

Back in Bizznizz

Hello friends!

After a two week vacation in Europe (Fishubby and I went to Belgium, Amsterdam, and Paris) I came home feeling stuck, yet slightly inspired in my WIP.

The Belgian countryside was glorious. A place in Bruges brought me nearly to tears it was so inspiring. And every morning, I looked out across a field at this group of trees that seemed to have a natural doorway among them, much like how I envision a particular forest in my story world.

Then I got home. And I opened Scrivener. And I realized... I'm still stuck no matter how I look at it.

So, after getting some advice from a Strong, Independent, Redhead (you know who you are! :) ), I started a new POV character. Okay, so her advice was really to skip ahead and write the next thing I envision, but the reason I was stuck was because I thought I needed to keep on with Marietta. In truth, I needed to leave Marietta at a sort of cliff hanger, and bring in another character.

When I started this WIP, I thought, it'll be a…