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Bananas are like unstable dynamite... without the explosion

I decided to write today about an incident not related to writing whatsoever because I found it to be entertaining (I guess?)...

I have (had) a very lovely lunch bag that looked kind of like a purse. In fact, on a recent trip to Salida, CO, our housemates all thought it WAS my purse and questioned why I was keeping it in the fridge...

This lunch bag has a side pocket that is rather deep, as far as the size of the lunch bag goes. And in this pocket is where Fishubby (who packs my lunch for me every day, bless his heart) puts my banana.

I don't remember the last time I ate a banana was.

TANGENT: This one time I was eating a banana and found half a worm in it. Yeah. I kind of don't care for bananas because of that and scrutinize every bite I take if I do eat one. All around though? The texture of them gets me. So, yeah, thank you Fishubby for putting bananas in my lunch, but this is why they stay in my lunch forever and turn into unstable slow burning banana dynamite...

Okay, back to …

Not the Artist's Way, Zombies, and Writing Boot Camp!

I read chapter 1 of the Artist's Way and found this book may not be for me. It seems the book caters more toward people who weren't encourage to explore their artistic sides, or were shut down by peers or family when they expressed interest in becoming an artist. So, I will not be following the 12 week program. (Hello, this is wishy washy Claire. The side that is indecisive and doesn't stick to things!)

I had a zombie nightmare last night. They are always so terrifying to me. Especially when I wake up and the hands of sleep are still squeezing my brain into submission. In this dream, I stabbed a co-worker with a sword (he was a zombie). I'm talking, up through the bottom of the jaw into the brain kind of stab. Maybe I shouldn't be writing about this... but it was only a nightmare! Then we went into this house where four kids, all around the age of 7 or 8, were shoving their zombified mother into the oven, Hansel and Gretel style. At least I THINK the mom was zombifi…

Tagged Again! Another 11 Questions

I was tagged again! This time by KS Collier. Well Collier, here are the answers to the questions you have posed!

1. What do you write, fiction or nonfiction?


2. What are your favorite sweets?

The real question here is: what AREN'T your favorite sweets? To that I respond canolis. Every time I see canolis on the dessert menu at an Italian restaurant, I think, oooh, those sound so delicious! So I order them. The fact of the matter is, they are TOO sweet and they really aren't very good at all. They are rather disappointing.

3. How often do you write?

When I'm in the thick of it, every day. During the planning process, a few times a week. Though I always write SOMETHING almost daily, whether it is a blog post or working on my WIP.

4. Do you write by outlining first, or by the seat of your pants?

A combination. I do a little planning but not really any outlining. Then it's pants time.

5. Do you use foreshadowing to strengthen your plotline?


6. Who is your favorite author?


The Artist's Way

I picked up this book called The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron the other day. It was shortly after I posted about my creativity leaving me and I was pining about my well being dry. I read about this book on a website I (used to) frequent that is based on one of the tools in the book (750 Words). If you read my prompted stories from my other blog, I was using my 750 words to write those stories each day (for the three days I actually did it). That was also not the Artist's Way method.

The Artist's Way, from my understanding, is a method to recover your creative self (whether you're a writer, painter, musician, or something else) on a spiritual level. Yes, Julia Cameron talks a lot about the Creator and how the Creator is the ultimate Artist because the Creator created the world and the beings in it. As a not-so-religious-but-religious-enough-for-me kind of person that I am, I don't mind the talk about God in the book. I just want to let you out there know that the b…

Shadows Crept Across the Wall - Campaign Challenge

First Campaign Challenge!

The challenge is to write a flash fiction in 200 words or less beginning with "Shadows crept across the wall." There was extra credit to include the word orange, end with "everything faded", and to use exactly 200 words.

Here's my story!

Shadow Ghosts by Claire L. Fishback (c) 2012

Shadows crept across the wall. The same shadows I’ve seen every night since we moved into this old dump of a house. I haven’t slept for a week.

In the beginning, I tried to convince myself they were nothing. A trick of the eyes in the silent blackness filling my room. I closed my eyes, and knew better, for I no longer see the shadows slipping along the wall and disappearing into the dark corners of the room. Instead, I see the shadows’ faces.

The female frightens me the most. She has a round, purple face. It’s as if she’s held her breath far too long and her skin craves the oxygen she denies herself. Her hair is a mess of greasy tangles. Her eyes are bloodshot. I …

Can Reading Non-Genre Fiction Kill Your Genre Creativity?

I know, it sounds crazy, right? But I have to tell you, ever since I picked up the book 1Q84 and started reading it, I feel like all the creativity I had to write genre fiction has left me.

It could be other events happening in my life. It could just be writer's block. Or it could even be fear, doubt, a belief that everything I think of and write is crap. A fear that my well has run dry. Those are all things I'll have to deal with on my own.

My grandmother, Cynthia Gibbon, was an artist. I say was not because she is gone (though she does have Alzheimer's and lives in a home), but because she is no longer an artist. When she was younger, she would paint and draw fashion, and she has aa series of paintings depicting people at a roller skating rink.

My mom told me after she went to art school and took an anatomy class, she could no longer draw and paint what she loved to draw and paint. Almost as if knowing she was portraying the human form incorrectly (by Grey's Anatomy - n…

Writing Software - What do you use and why?

Writing software... it can be the bane of a writer's existence. Especially the versions in which you have to set everything up. You spend more time organizing things inside the software than you do writing.

I'm a sucker for writing software. I've tried PowerWriter, WriteItNow, Scrivener for Windows, yWriter, Liquid Story Binder, Microsoft One Note (a very cool peice of software), among others. I know it doesn't work for me, and yet, the left-brained Claire is drawn to the organizational model these softwares provide. How everything -- all of your notes, ideas, research, clippings, and trimmings -- can be stored in one location. I find it so intoxicating. It's all RIGHT THERE. Like a hard copy binder with tabs and maybe even a pencil pouch with highlighters and extra pens in various colors and sticky tabs.

Scrivener is like that. I started using Scrivener to organize what I had already written in my first draft. After a month of pounding away at the keys to produce ro…

11 MORE questions!

Tina DC Hayes indirectly tagged me to answer my own 11 questions by writing in her response that if I was reading it, I was considered tagged! So, here I go answering my own questions! I'm going to use her sneaky tagging to say the same thing. If you read this, you are tagged!

1. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

All over Europe! Or the Gallapagos Islands.

2. Why do you write in the genre you write in?

I write in several genres, though I tend to stick to the darker ones. I usually claim thriller/suspense as my genre, as well as horror. I am not sure why I write in that genre. I guess I have a dark and twisty side that comes out in my writing.

3. How did you come up with the idea for your current work in progress (or most recent work in progress)

I don't usually remember the sparks that spawn my story ideas. My current work in progress is the first NaNoWriMo novel I ever wrote (back in 2004). This will be the second rewrite, but I'm starting from scratch …

11 Questions (Campaign Game!)

Woo Hoo! I have been tagged by Anna Mittower in the Writer's Platform Building campaign 11 question game! These are some tough ones! Yowza!

Here goes!

1. What country is the home of the majority of authors you read?

Wow. That's a good question. Probably the United States though I can't get any more specific than that!

2. An otaku is someone who's obsessed with something (not necessarily anime/manga). What kind of otaku are you?

Obsessed... I sometimes get obsessed with these hidden object games on my computer I download from Big Fish Games. Love that they are quests along with the hidden object puzzles. I've been known to beat them in a single evening.

3. Ebooks vs. Paper: which do you like better?

For novels - ebooks (I have a Kindle and LOVE it)
For books on writing - paper for sure.

4. Do you have a sweet tooth or are you a salty dog?

I usually have a sweet tooth, and after that's satisfied I become a salty dog! I like the balance of salty and sweet.

5. Would you ever …

When Life Hands You Lemons, Throw Back Some Tequilla

Life has a great way of crapping on you sometimes. I have to admit, I've lived a rich life in my (only) 30 years. I've had a lot of experiences, and there are things that I still want to experience, and plan to experience.

Even when life craps on me, I try to keep my chin up, my attitude positive, and a smile on my face, even if it is fake. I have learned to put on a happy face and save the tears for when I'm at home.

This can be rather difficult at times. Especially if the crap is excessively large.

I didn't start this blog to write about personal junk, but I do want to write about how I use my extreme emotions to fuel my writing. How, in the face of these extreme emotions, I can sit down and write for pages straight. The fingers fly across the keyboard. The words appear out of thin air. I usually don't even know WHAT I'm writing, but I know it is good because it is fueled by emotional fire.

When you're sad, or super angry all you can do is stomp around and gr…

Howard on Hold

The work in progress I've been working on since the start of the year is on hold once again. This would be Howard's Story. I've decided to let it sit and grow some mold and work on something different.

So, Bear in a Trench Coat and Fedora is going to get a fresh rewrite from scratch. It was my very first novel I ever wrote (that I'm proud of) and it deserves to be rewritten and spruced up now that I have 8 more years of writerly experience since I first wrote it back in 2004 for NaNoWriMo.

That's the news today! As for the Prompted Stories segment, I've decided to do that one to three times a week instead of every day. Stay tuned for the next story!

Keep on Swimming!
Claire L. Fishback

I'm Back!

Wow. So I was totally knocked out by an aggressive cold over the weekend (well, starting Thursday night last week). I slept all weekend, took the day yesterday for more rest, and today I'm feeling better, but not 100% just yet.

Needless to say, my self-imposed challenge of writing a short story every day failed because I was literally passed out all weekend.

I hope to jump back on it tomorrow and start that up again, pending any residual health issues. :)

In other news, I have joined the campaign mentioned in my last post. I will keep you informed of that, too!

Keep on keepin' on,
Claire L. Fishback

Fourth Writer's Platform-Building Campaign!

As some of you may know, I'm taking a few online writing courses right now. In one of them we were to select a person from class to be our Editing Partner. I chose Lori Freeland, and boy am I glad I did! Already in my short time of knowing Lori (about a week) I've met several other local authors, including Jessica Aspen, been invited to an RWA chapter event in Thornton, and found this amazing campaign by Rachael Harrie.

Read about it here

I'm still a little fuzzy on what it's all about, but Jessica saw what I was doing on my site and thought I would like this campaign. So, I am officially signing up.

If anyone else out there is interested in it, jog on over to Rachael's blog (following the link above) and sign up! It'll be fun and there's a lot of growth potential with your online platform as a writer!

In other news, I'm thinking of switching to a Blogger blog. Details to follow if I can get it set up quickly. I'll put the link here so you know where t…