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Happy Halloween!

For your viewing pleasure, me as a nerd zombie:

Oh, and here's the REAL final result:

Keep writing!

Claire L. Fishback

NaNoWriMo 2013

Hi friends!

Remember last year I almost didn't DO NaNoWriMo because I was burned out and blabity blah blah?

This year, I found a new way to approach NaNoWriMo for a little more of a thrill and thus a little more of a challenge. I'm not talking about shooting for 100K instead of 50K. I'm talking about striking out on a balls to the wall crazy first two weeks of keyboard pounding that dwindles down to 1 word on November 30th.

I usually finish my 50K before Thanksgiving.

Here's the breakdown, which I got from the blog linked above and I'll link here again.

Word Quotas using the "Reward System" also known as "Backwards NaNoWriMo" which doesn't really make sense.

Day 1: 3346 (It’s day one! Just do it! And you can and will!)Day 2: 3216Day 3: 3101Day 4: 2986Day 5: 2872Day 6: 2757Day 7: 2642Day 8: 2527 (This is the hard part. Week one is out of the way, but you’ve still got some painful quotas left. Just do it!)Day 9: 2412Day 10: 2298Day 11: 2183Day 1…