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Obvious to you, Amazing to others

I just wanted to share this little video by Derek Sivers. Any time I feel like my idea is dumb, I look at this, or just tell myself "Obvious to you, Amazing to others."

Just watch it. It's great.

Keep Swimming,
Claire L. Fishback

New WIP and Goals

Hello! - funny, I have a song stuck in my head called "Hello" by Evenescence...

So, I've started work on my new work in progress and things are going smoothly so far! I've consistently written about 3 pages a day. Of course, I've only been working on it for two days, but STILL! Three pages a day isn't too shabby. I could do more, I know I could, but I think sticking to this reasonable goal is healthy for me. I don't want to stress out if I don't reach an outrageous goal. Set yourself up for success, right? ;o)

The soundtrack for my WIP is Evanescence's album Fallen. All the songs in that album can, in one way or another, relate to SOMETHING about my WIP, as well as the other two books in the "chronicle." That's right. There are THREE books vying for attention! But I've managed to decide which one to start with. It helped knowing that all three ideas could each be their own book.

All I am going to tell you about the book is the overa…

The Boy on the Bridge

The second challenge of the fourth platform building campaign is multi-faceted. There are several options. I chose to write about the picture to the left here, and I've chosen to write a 200 word story about this little boy in the red coat.

It appears I am too late to enter the contest, but I hope some people stop by anyway to read my little story!

"The Boy on the Bridge" by Claire L. Fishback (c) 2012

They called him Henry. He lost his left hand in an accident in the woods before they moved to the city by the water. They said it was an accident, anyway.

They said Henry was born on Friday the thirteenth. He was cursed with bad luck, they said. They said a lot of things like that. Blaming these accidents on his bad luck. I call it bad parenting, but who am I to judge? We share the same parents, after all.

Before the hand, he usually only suffered minor scrapes and bruises. A black eye. A bloody nose was the least of his worries. Sometimes there were burns. Once or twice he br…

I Was Not Slaughtered Over the Weekend

Some of you may recall this past weekend I was to travel out to California to meet my best friend for the first time in person. Some of you may have even thought I was crazy to be taking such a trip. A few of my co-workers thought I was nuts to go meet someone I've never met in person.

I am happy to say that Angela Alsaleem is officially my best writerly friend. We had a blast. Oh, and her book, Women Scorned, is coming out next month! I'll be sure to post when it is available and how you can get it. She is an awesome writer. Her book coming out is so horrific it comes with a warning label. I dare you to read it.

Now, about the boot camp...

The Writing Loft is located in Paradise, CA, which is a beautiful little town on the foothills of.... not sure which mountain range. To give you an idea, I flew in to Sacramento and it was roughly 2 hours to get to my friend's house in Gridley, which is about 45 minutes from Paradise.

The woman who runs the Writing Loft is Nora Profit. She …

Creative Dryer and My Muse

Remember back when I posted about my creative well being dry? Now I feel like my creative well is a laundry dryer and ideas are tossing around, tumbling through my brain! It's amazing! I feel the spark again! My muse has returned from her vacation. She's standing behind me rubbing her hands together and cracking her knuckles, ready to get to work! I love her.

My muse, by the way, is a very ethereal looking woman with black wavy hair that is always swirling around her head as if she were underwater. She wears a gauzy purple dress, likewise swirling around her.

If you've seen the movie adaptation of Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass, my muse looks a lot like Serafina Pekkala, only her hair swirls around everywhere. It makes sense because Serafina Pekkala is a witch. Witches can cast spells. Spells can be good or bad. Perhaps when she is around me she is casting good, creative spells, so when she leaves I am left with nothing.

That's just an excuse, of course. I don&#…