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Updates on everything!

Okay, maybe not EVERYTHING. But a few things that are on my mind right this minute.

1. In December, I took a 4 hours, 200 question test to obtain my PMP (Project Management Professional) credential and PASSED.

2. Work is hard, but easy, but hard, but sometimes boring, but hard. I know, weird right? I'm managing projects AND serving as the IT department admin (for 130 people). It's, like I said, hard, boring, hard, easy...

3. I still don't know what I want to do. I think I'm having an early mid-life crisis. Some days I love what I'm doing. Other days I do not and cannot see myself doing project management full time.

4. Every time I am forced to skip my lunch break, I really don't want to do project management full time (because that is my WRITING time).

5. Speaking of writing, I finished the bigger story/plot revisions for Evil Never Sleeps, and now I am doing line edits in a very lazy fashion. I submitted the first chapter to my critique group and got favorable…