Hi friends,

I used to write poetry. A LOT. When I was a dumb and "angsty" teen. When I somehow wanted something in my life that I didn't have, which was drama and pain and things I saw my friends go through. In those days, I dramatized my emotions. If my feelings were hurt, it was more than just my feelings. It was my heart, in physical agony, wanting to beat out of my chest and smash itself on the ground. If I was mad, I was incensed and the person who angered me would die in the horrible fire of my un-containable rage.

I feel like I've lost the ability to write metaphors, but I think maybe that ability was maybe only left behind as I got older. Though, in all honesty, I really don't buy that. I think the first concussion I had, which was the worst of the three, knocked that ability out of my brain. I read somewhere that could happen. When my doctor confirmed I had a concussion, I did some reading up on what this would mean.

And then #2 and #3 happened. People r…

Never stop chasing your dream

Hi Friends!

I wish I was writing today to share great news, but, unfortunately, that is not the case.

I'm writing to let you know that the publisher who picked me up is CLOSING THEIR DOORS.

Now, before you get angry or sad for me, know this: I will NEVER give up. I will NEVER surrender! This is my dream, my passion.

The reason behind this closure is a certain person (co-founder) not getting his shit together. That's the gist of it. Priorities change, I get that. People like to do things their way or the highway, totally understandable. I just wish I'd known what was going on behind the scenes before I signed on, because, apparently, this stuff had been going on for a few months.

ANYWAY, moving on.

I DO also have good news. I participated in a Twitter pitch party yesterday and an agent liked one of my pitch Tweets.

WTF does that mean? You're probably asking. The short version is: You tweet a 140 character line about your book with the appropriate hashtag to alert the age…

Being an Endeverite Part 1

Hi friends!

In an attempt to start a blog series, I labeled this Part 1. We'll see how many parts I end up with, and if I can even keep track of them all.

As you know, I signed a contract with a small press called, Endever Publishing Studios. Though I was leery at first -- signing with small presses comes with a lot of anxiety, even established small presses -- but I felt like this was a risk I had to take for my novel, THE BLOOD OF SEVEN.

I'm glad I did. This publishing house is like a second family.

In this first installment of "Being an Endeverite," I'd like to talk about some of the authors. I'll have a separate blog series in which I interview them, but for now, this piece is about what I call the Short Story Prompt Challenge.

Each week, an in-house author at Endever challenges another to write a 1,000 word short story with a challenging prompt. Author Heather Eagar challenged me with the following message:

“Claire, I am challenging you! You get to write…

I'm featured on Endever Publishing's blog today!


Check out Endever Publishing's blog today! I wrote a blog post with advice for new writers. This advice was also featured on a previous blog post I wrote, when I interviewed myself. :)

Peace and Keep Writing!

Claire L. Fishback

Let me tell you about the week of May 8th and Other Stuff

Hi Friends!

A lot has been going on the past two weeks. So, get something to drink, maybe a snack, and settle in. This is kind of a long post.

Let me start at the beginning...

In the beginning, God created... wait wait... not THAT far back...

Monday, May 8th.

Parts of Colorado suffered a horrendous hail storm that caused tons of damage. I work where the heart of the storm hit. So, yeah, my car was battered. All we could do was watch from the second floor of our building as hail stones larger than golf balls, and some the size of baseballs, destroyed our cars. I saw back windows get smashed, sunroofs, side windows, windshields. Dents galore.

For some reason, my feeble mind believed my car would be okay. When the majority of the storm had subsided, I gathered my belongings to head home. I got to my car, climbed inside, and gasped. My windshield was shattered. It hadn't caved in, but there was no way I could drive home.

I called Fishubby, he told me to call the insurance company. He&…

"Give yourself the freedom to fail." - Alison Levine

Hi friends,

I just attended a webinar for project management by the amazing Alison Levine, author of ON THE EDGE, who climbed Everest TWICE. Though she had to turn back a couple hundred feet from the summit in 2002, in 2010, she made it all the way to the top. She is an amazing speaker, and had so many great lessons, not only for a PMP like me, but for the writer in me as well.

The main takeaway for me was: "Give yourself the freedom to fail."

Failure is important in everything. We learn from our failures. Alison mentioned we have a lack of tolerance for failure in our society, which is a shame. Lack of failure inhibits innovation. It halts our ability to advance. Her example was, without the first guys who made it to the summit of Everest, the next people to try would not have had the knowledge to make it, too. Every time someone makes it, there are more lessons learned to share with the next teams who try.

Other things she said that resonated with me are:

Fear is okay. Com…

My Experience with Kindle Scout

Hi friends!

Last Tuesday, I announced to you all that my book, THE BLOOD OF SEVEN, was not selected by Kindle Press, despite all the hard work I put in marketing it and getting the word out.

Today, I'd like to write about the experience, start to finish. I'll do all I can to keep any bitterness from creeping in, but I apologize in advance if it does. :)

If you want to know what Kindle Scout is, go here to learn more.

Step One: Create Your Submission

I crafted all the parts of my submission in Word so I could keep an eye on the character counts. YES, CHARACTER counts. Not words, letters and spaces and punctuation. The only exception from this character count "rule" was the title. The one liner, the description, the author bio, and the answers to the questions I chose all had character restrictions.

I get it. Kindle Press wants to know if you can succinctly define your book in all its parts and pieces. Once I got it whittled down to the bare minimum, I plopped the tex…