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Well, well well, if it isn't me, back from a hiatus (again) with some updates.

So, as you know I adopted this "writing with the door closed" lifestyle and it is really working for me! I did submit my first 20 pages to my critique group - we meet tomorrow *gasp sweat sob squeal fart* - and I read the same pages to my mom a few weekends ago (and gave her a run down of the first "act" as I'm calling it), and Tim read the first 20 and I gave him the run down, too, but other than that, I have not shared much about this new start with anyone. **grin**

I'm really enjoying the writing process now that I'm only writing for me (for now), and I can do whatever I want.

I've also found it extremely helpful to have written the plot narration - the frantic, unorganized synopsis of the first act. However, I'm coming to the end of this plot narration and will need to write another one for the next part of the book, which is exciting and daunting all at the s…