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Pre-Training Training

I know, I know... second post in a row that isn't related to writing. But I vow to give you an update on the writing front after I exclaim about my training.

So, my last post was about training for a half-marathon and getting up early to walk my dog so I can run without her after work when it is too sweltering hot for her to run with me (I really think she doesn't enjoy running anyway, at least not at my pace).

I started my pre-training training plan on Saturday with a 45 minute run, yielding about 4.5 miles. Pretty good for my first run. Sunday was a rest or cross train day, so I rested because, to me, Sundays are meant to be lazy and I didn't have any energy thanks to a super strong Sailor Jerry and Coke I had out at dinner the night before.

Moving on...

Tonight I will be running 20-60 minutes at a moderate pace. That's what's on the pre-training schedule. I'm guessing I'll probably do 30-45 minutes. I can't imagine running less than a 5K on each run.…

Walking the Dog is a Good Thing

I'm writing today about goals again. Not writing goals. Exercise goals.

You see, I used to be an avid runner. Last year, Fishubby introduced me to mountain biking. We also do a lot of day long hikes in the summer, and have stuck to a solid two-nights a week gym regimen to lift weights.

I'm breaking free.

I vowed to start getting up early to walk our dog in the morning so I can do whatever I want in the evening as far as exercise goes.

Which is... training for a half marathon.

I know, I know. A half? Why not a full? Because, people, you gotta take baby steps.

The half I was looking at is at the end of September, but I'm not sure I have enough time to train properly and without injury, so I'm going to train as if I am going to run a half marathon. Fishubby said, even if I don't have an event to race in, do the training and then run the 13.1 miles.

I can do that. In fact, I prefer to do that. There's somethign about races and large masses of people that makes me u…

Plugging Along!

I'm on page 79 in my WIP. I love it.

I was really focused on word count, getting my daily word count, etc. My BFF and Writerly Companion, Angela Alsaleem told me, don't focus on those things. Just focus on writing the story. It will end up being whatever length it wants to be. If it ends up being a novella lenght, that's how long it is supposed to be.

I was so glad she sent me that little reminder. Because it's true. You can't force a story to be 100K words long, or 500K words long, or even 50K words long (I've heard of plenty of NaNoWriMo participants who write THE END with 10K to go to reach that 50K goal).

I just have to write it. So, I've analyzed my writing goals, and as long as I do SOMETHING each day regarding my project it counts. I'm still tracking my daily word counts on a spreadsheet because I like to see if I'm still on track or not to complete by our deadline of September 22nd (last day of summer).

Now that I don't have to write 1,0…