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Finding Advice/Ideas in Unexpected Places

Like most writers I know, I have my favorite list of blogs about writing. Writers in the Storm, for example, is one I frequent for tips and tricks and just to connect to the writerly world.

Today I was scrolling through Facebook and found a blog with a topic I'm getting close to needing: Editing.

The blog is directed at teens (Go Teen Writers), but they also cater to "new" writers as well. Though I'm hardly a teen, and I've been writing for over 20 years, I don't fall into either category. However, I am new to editing.

Though I have been writing for ages, I have yet to take a novel length manuscript to the next stage. I flush with embarrassment in admitting that. I've had short stories published, sure, but I have yet to take the next giant leap. I have several novel length manuscripts under my belt, sure, but all of them live in the land of first drafts.

Editing has always been this big, scary monster to me. Here's why:

A) I'm a pantser and, thus, …