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Hi friends,

I used to write poetry. A LOT. When I was a dumb and "angsty" teen. When I somehow wanted something in my life that I didn't have, which was drama and pain and things I saw my friends go through. In those days, I dramatized my emotions. If my feelings were hurt, it was more than just my feelings. It was my heart, in physical agony, wanting to beat out of my chest and smash itself on the ground. If I was mad, I was incensed and the person who angered me would die in the horrible fire of my un-containable rage.

I feel like I've lost the ability to write metaphors, but I think maybe that ability was maybe only left behind as I got older. Though, in all honesty, I really don't buy that. I think the first concussion I had, which was the worst of the three, knocked that ability out of my brain. I read somewhere that could happen. When my doctor confirmed I had a concussion, I did some reading up on what this would mean.

And then #2 and #3 happened. People r…