Thankful Thursday - My Critique Group

I am breaking away from my norm and leaving the horror genre. Just for the book I'm currently writing (which is actually a trilogy, so for the next three books I'm writing - unless I can wrap it all up in two books, which would be nice).

I didn't know how I felt about this, because I love to tell people I write horror. The looks on their faces when I say that... it's priceless. If you know me, you know I'm a sweet innocent looking person. But if you REALLY know me, you know there's a dark and twisty person inside there who loves to come out in my writing. Especially when I write horror.

Anyway, as i said, I didn't know how to feel about this because I'm so used to writing the dark and twisty stuff. But the members of my critique group have shown me that it's okay for me to do something different. And honestly? I think fantasy is where I belong.

The first 13 pages of my new WIP were critiqued on Tuesday. My critique partners had great things to say about it. They had awesome suggestions, and they basically gave me "permission" to write something lighter and fluffier than what I usually write.

They are awesome.

So, today, I am thankful for my critique group. I'm so glad they gave me a chance.

Of course, it helped that we all got smashed at CoGoWriCon last year together.

Peace and Keep Writing!

Claire L. Fishback


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