The Blood of Seven Kindle Scout Campaign Launches Friday, February 24th!!!

Hi friends!

Remember my last post? I thought I was desperate to think about submitting my book to the Kindle Scout program? Well... I did it.

After reading a BUNCH of blog posts about different peoples' (I never know how to punctuate the plural of people's) experiences, I decided to take the risk and submit.

And now... my book, THE BLOOD OF SEVEN, has been chosen for a Kindle Scout campaign!


Now that that... and the celebratory cabbage patching... are out of the way, here's what you can do to help me.

I'll post another post on launch day with the live link to nominate my book. I'm also going to send out an email to my entire contact list (well, not the whole thing, because there are people in there who wouldn't give a rats ass about this whole thing).

Here's where you come in, my faithful fans and followers! When the link is live, if you would be so kind as to click it, then click nominate? I mean, obviously, you'll want to read the book details and what not before you decide. Also, and somewhat more importantly, help spread the word. Send the link and the details to everyone you know.

The way I *think* it works is, the more nominations I have, the higher chance I'll have of Kindle Press taking a closer look for consideration for publication. From what I've read, all the nominations in the world doesn't equal immediate publication. The book still has to go through a committee.

If my book is chosen for publication, everyone who nominated it gets a free copy! So, the next step would be, read it! And, maybe, if you wanna, I hope you do, leave a nice little review. :)

This is all very exciting. Thank you so much in advance for your support! You'll be helping me achieve my life long goal!

Peace and Keep Writing!

Claire L. Fishback


Nick Wilford said…
That's fantastic! Good on you for submitting and congrats.

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