Kindle Scout - Help a Writer in Need (with a couple mouse clicks)

Hi friends!

TODAY IS THE DAY! My Kindle Scout campaign for THE BLOOD OF SEVEN has launched!

This means I need your help! As you may recall from my previous posts, Kindle Scout is a sort of crowdsourcing approach to publication based on reader nominations. The more nominations I get, the higher the chance Kindle Press will consider my book for publication.

On top of that, when it gets published, you get a free copy*!
*With this free copy, I hope you'll read it and leave a glowing review. :)

What to do: Read the book info and excerpt, then click NOMINATE!
What ELSE to do (if you feel like it... which I hope you do): SPREAD THE WORD! Friends, family, co-workers, distant relatives, pets, strangers!

What people are saying about THE BLOOD OF SEVEN:

"If you enjoy genuinely creepy tales involving ancient tomes, mystery cults, and secret knowledge, look no further. Claire L. Fishback delivers a brave new voice in horror with this modern-day take on the timeless battle between Good and Evil.” - Michael F. Haspil, author of GRAVEYARD SHIFT (available for pre-order now!)

"I am not normally attracted to this genre but I was immediately drawn in by the characters and depth of this fascinating story line. I was engaged from page one and didn't want to put it down. I have found myself imagining what could happen in a sequel (Please, Ms. Fishback!). I can't wait until the official release so I can do more than tell people about it - I can tell them to buy it and set aside the next few days to read it - you won't want to do much else!” - Amanda Keil

"This book is brain candy. The story is so intriguing, I consumed it feverishly, like a delicious vat of ice cream. It was THAT addicting. Settle in and enjoy! Worth every word." - Melissa McMurphy

Please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you so much in advance, and please also forward to everyone you know!

Peace and Keep Writing,

Claire L. Fishback


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