Pre-Training Training

I know, I know... second post in a row that isn't related to writing. But I vow to give you an update on the writing front after I exclaim about my training.

So, my last post was about training for a half-marathon and getting up early to walk my dog so I can run without her after work when it is too sweltering hot for her to run with me (I really think she doesn't enjoy running anyway, at least not at my pace).

I started my pre-training training plan on Saturday with a 45 minute run, yielding about 4.5 miles. Pretty good for my first run. Sunday was a rest or cross train day, so I rested because, to me, Sundays are meant to be lazy and I didn't have any energy thanks to a super strong Sailor Jerry and Coke I had out at dinner the night before.

Moving on...

Tonight I will be running 20-60 minutes at a moderate pace. That's what's on the pre-training schedule. I'm guessing I'll probably do 30-45 minutes. I can't imagine running less than a 5K on each run. In fact, that used to be my minimum. 3.1 miles.

I'm also signing up to do a 5K race with my mom on August 18th at Platteville, CO's Harvest Daze. It'll be fun. I'm really looking forward to running my first race since high school. In fact, I might sign up for more smaller races like this while I'm training. Desensitize myself to the throngs of people and crush my race anxiety into a million worthless peices so, come marathon race day, I won't feel so frightened.

This is going to take discipline.

Which is why it ties into writing. Writing takes discipline. Sticking to a writing schedule takes discipline. In fact, I think I read a blog post somewhere about writing and training for a marathon being similar...

Anyway, you have to protect that time - writing time and training time -  and I plan to protect both, even if it means telling my friends no, I cannot meet them for happy hour. Both are important to me.

I need to do both. I need to write and I need to prove to myself and possibly anyone who doubts me that I can run a marathon. You may have noticed I changed to marathon rather than half marathon. Yeah. I'm that gung-ho about it. I'm sure I'll fit in a half somewhere in my training plan. The full I plan to do isn't until next year. Right now, I'm making running every other day a habit. Just like I did with my writing schedule.

Writing a novel, training for a marathon. Both take discipline, desire, and the willingness to MAKE time to do them.

And now, an update on the novelling front:

Plugging along nicely. Missed a few days but I'm getting back on track. Wrote about 1300 words today during my hour writing time. My MC is getting every thing I can possibly think of thrown at her, and of course, I have to figure out how she'll get out of it. Which has posed some dilemmas, but with my trusty team of people I go to for help, we came up with some good stuff. I'll be sure to thank them in the acknowledgments.

Keep writing!

Claire L. Fishback


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