Plugging Along!

I'm on page 79 in my WIP. I love it.

I was really focused on word count, getting my daily word count, etc. My BFF and Writerly Companion, Angela Alsaleem told me, don't focus on those things. Just focus on writing the story. It will end up being whatever length it wants to be. If it ends up being a novella lenght, that's how long it is supposed to be.

I was so glad she sent me that little reminder. Because it's true. You can't force a story to be 100K words long, or 500K words long, or even 50K words long (I've heard of plenty of NaNoWriMo participants who write THE END with 10K to go to reach that 50K goal).

I just have to write it. So, I've analyzed my writing goals, and as long as I do SOMETHING each day regarding my project it counts. I'm still tracking my daily word counts on a spreadsheet because I like to see if I'm still on track or not to complete by our deadline of September 22nd (last day of summer).

Now that I don't have to write 1,000 words or more a day, I seem to be writing even more than that. It isn't forced. And if I don't reach 1,000 words one day, I won't beat myself up over it because I'm still on track.

I have, however, written myself into a corner. I'll have to rely on logic and cleverness to get my characters out of the predicament they're in. That and my trusty brainstormers - FishHubby and Twink.

Keep Writing!

Claire L. Fishback


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