The Giant Crap Life Took on Me

A while back I posted about when life takes a big ol' crap on you and what to do with the resulting emotions. Well, I'd like to share with you what that crap looks like in my life.

I've started a blog in the hopes of helping fellow Adult Children of "Divorce" (I put it in quotes because my parents are not yet divorced, and the word hasn't even actually been said, but they are not together right now and my dad does not plan on living with my mom anymore). The blog can be found here.

I tried holding it all in and dealing with it in a different manner than I usually do and that turned out to be disasterous (went home early last Monday because I could not hold it together).

I'm using the roller coaster of emotions mentioned in the blog to fuel my current WIP, which is about a woman breaking free of her husband's abuse/control after he pushes her down the stairs and nearly kills her.

At any rate, if you want to check out the blog, go for it. If not, that's fine, too!

I do appreciate you, my followers. Seeing that I have about 17 "strangers" following my blog makes me smile.

I promise my next post will be about writing or my new writing goals or about my WIP. For now, just know that there is a lot on my mind and on my emotional plate.

Holding my head above the water,

Claire L. Fishback


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