“Do your art every day, no matter how crappy your day is.” ~Ksenia Anske

Hi friends,

The quote in the title of this blog post, and at the start of this Tiny Buddha article resonated with me today.

I love how the author of the article described himself as having a "rich inner life" as a kid. I was like that, too. I'm STILL like that, actually. You should hear the voices in my head, and ride the trains of thought that go every which way. It's like Jim Henson's The Labyrinth - the part in which Jareth is walking around on stairs upside down. Sometimes it gets darker and sucks me into an abyss in which I can't control where my thoughts go. In those times, I have to literally physically shake my head to jump off the dark pathway into the light.

I was told once that I have a very free associative mind, as I'm sure most creatives do. Sometimes I forget where my initial thought that led me down the tunnel started from, and sometimes I can trace it back. Usually when I voice the final thought out loud to Fishubby, I have to retrace the steps so he knows where I started for context.

Sometimes I only say the second half of a conversation or question out loud.

I'm lucky to have such a patient, caring, and understanding spouse!

But, this post is about creativity. It's about practicing your art. It's about doing something creative every day, and connecting with other creative types. We need to stick together, especially in this day and age in which little emphasis is put into creativity. I mean, schools are cutting funding to arts and music. PBS may also lose funding (or maybe it already has? I haven't been watching the news since the election).

In a world full of hate and racism and stereotyping and even more hate and violence... Let's band together and make a change in this world through our art. Let's fill it with art so people come together to talk about their favorite things and find they share the same likes as someone completely different from them.

Let's build a world full of "sames" not "differences."

I didn't mean for this to get political, but I go where my fingers take me.

Peace and Keep Writing,

Claire L. Fishback


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