Happy New Year!

Hi Friends!


Okay, okay... I know it's late, but better late than never, right? At least it's still January!

Christmas was good. I got a game for PS3 called Last of Us, which is a post apocalyptic story about survival and all that. We have yet to find out what has caused some people to mutate into attacking, flesh eating monsters, but the game is awesome. Right up my alley. The graphics are beautiful, too.

I bought myself an iPad Air. I know! I'm excited, too! I spent the first few days getting it all set up with the apps I wanted and needed, as well as obsessing over which blue tooth keyboard to get, which cover/case to get, and ended up buying the same keyboard twice (on Amazon) and cancelling BOTH orders. I ended up with a New Trent keyboard that is also a case that sort of converts the iPad into a netbook. The case even latches. I also got a $15 buck smart cover case (in magenta) that's really sleek and slim, which I can use when I won't be using the iPad for writing (which is probably never so I may end up returning it).

I spent about three months trying to figure out why I needed a tablet and which one I should get. The gammit stretched between the spendy Microsoft Surface Pro 2 with a keyboard to a Kindle Fire HDX. Finally, after playing with my husband's iPad, I decided I liked it and went for it, even though it can't run my writing software, Scrivener, which, in my humble opinion, is only THE BEST writing software out there. I did find a solution, though. I use Evernote on my PC and my phone and it syncs across platforms and all that, so I'll use Evernote for some things that I'll need to access all the time. I set it up before I even got the iPad, which I named iPaddington. So clever, I know.

I should be getting the keyboard case and a stylus (for use with note taking software) today! I'm so excited. It was supposed to be here yesterday but I think with all the changes I made to the first order it set things behind schedule.

My writing goals have been set... and already broken. I suck, I know. I wanted to write 250 words a day. An easy goal, really. Especially for me. I can do 250 in like 15 minutes. So why did I break this goal? Because, research. I started writing a pivotal scene and realized I didn't know enough about the subject matter to accurately tell the story. I know this is stuff that can be added later, or corrected later, BUT, the scene has to do with Gnostic scripture and could have a HUGE bearing on the rest of the story. In my research I actually discovered two plot twists.

So, my new goal is to touch the ball every day. Whether that's doing research, doing some character development, revising previously written scenes, or actually writing. I do have monthly wordcount goals I'll still try to stick to (it calculates from the 250 words a day goal). My main goal is to get the first draft of this book written before mid-June when Fishubby and I are going to Italy.

I'd also like to post here at least once a week. We'll see how that goes. Sometimes I forget that I have a blog.

Io scrivo! I write!

Italian is fun. Especially since I played Mario Bros growing up and totally have the accent down. (hehe).

On that note, Happy Writing and make this the best year you possibly can! Remember, it is never too late to turn things around. Keep a positive mentality and always choose love.

Peace and Keep Writing!


Claire L. Fishback


What are your writing goals?



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