New WIP and Goals

Hello! - funny, I have a song stuck in my head called "Hello" by Evenescence...

So, I've started work on my new work in progress and things are going smoothly so far! I've consistently written about 3 pages a day. Of course, I've only been working on it for two days, but STILL! Three pages a day isn't too shabby. I could do more, I know I could, but I think sticking to this reasonable goal is healthy for me. I don't want to stress out if I don't reach an outrageous goal. Set yourself up for success, right? ;o)

The soundtrack for my WIP is Evanescence's album Fallen. All the songs in that album can, in one way or another, relate to SOMETHING about my WIP, as well as the other two books in the "chronicle." That's right. There are THREE books vying for attention! But I've managed to decide which one to start with. It helped knowing that all three ideas could each be their own book.

All I am going to tell you about the book is the overall working title: The ShadowLand Chronicles (or triology... but it isn't quite a series in the book 1, 2, 3 way, because these books can be read out of order).

I hope this has your interest piqued!

I have vowed (to myself and Belle, my hell hound) that I will not talk very much about these books. The only person who gets to hear about them is Belle because I know she won't spill any of it to anyone. She only speaks broken Spanish.

In other news, stay tuned for a flash fiction story on Friday. I'm thinking about implementing Flash Friday on this blog. It will be fun. I'll post the links in the "Prompted Stories" page, but let you know here when I do write a flash story.

Have a great day!

Swimming in the fast lane,
Claire L. Fishback


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