Not the Artist's Way, Zombies, and Writing Boot Camp!

I read chapter 1 of the Artist's Way and found this book may not be for me. It seems the book caters more toward people who weren't encourage to explore their artistic sides, or were shut down by peers or family when they expressed interest in becoming an artist. So, I will not be following the 12 week program. (Hello, this is wishy washy Claire. The side that is indecisive and doesn't stick to things!)

I had a zombie nightmare last night. They are always so terrifying to me. Especially when I wake up and the hands of sleep are still squeezing my brain into submission. In this dream, I stabbed a co-worker with a sword (he was a zombie). I'm talking, up through the bottom of the jaw into the brain kind of stab. Maybe I shouldn't be writing about this... but it was only a nightmare! Then we went into this house where four kids, all around the age of 7 or 8, were shoving their zombified mother into the oven, Hansel and Gretel style. At least I THINK the mom was zombified. We were safe in the house for a little while, but then the doors were no longer secure and the zombies came in. The only weapons we had were brooms. Fishubby told me to run and hide behind the vacuum cleaner, but I chose to hide in a bedroom instead.

I woke up before anything else happened with this thought in my head: "If Tim (Fishubby) got bitten by a zombie, I would get bit, too, because I don't want to live without him."

There was also a recurring "thing" in this dream that I have dreamed about before. It is this basement with a hole in the ceiling, only the hole doesn't lead to the upper floor, it leads into darkness. There is something about that hole that scares the bejeezus out of me. I should write a short about that.

In other news, progress is going on my current WIP with the working title of Howard's Story. I am working with Nora Profit of The Writing Loft to get this story off the ground. She is a great writing mentor. I will be attending a private two-day boot camp she is putting on for my writerly BFF, Angela Alsaleem, and I next week! I'm so excited.

I have known Angela for roughly 5 years. We met on and hit it off because we write in the same genre (horror) with similar styles. Angela and I have never met in person, though we have spoken on the phone and exchanged an encyclopedia's worth of emails (I'm talking the WHOLE SET A-Z of Encyclopaedia Brittanica).

We are editing partners, beta readers, and so much more. I am so excited to finally meet her after all this time!

And if I don't post for a while, send the cops to Paradise, CA. I'm thinking that's where she might dispose of the body...

Keeping my head above water,
Claire L. Fishback


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