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Hello friends!

After a two week vacation in Europe (Fishubby and I went to Belgium, Amsterdam, and Paris) I came home feeling stuck, yet slightly inspired in my WIP.

The Belgian countryside was glorious. A place in Bruges brought me nearly to tears it was so inspiring. And every morning, I looked out across a field at this group of trees that seemed to have a natural doorway among them, much like how I envision a particular forest in my story world.

Then I got home. And I opened Scrivener. And I realized... I'm still stuck no matter how I look at it.

So, after getting some advice from a Strong, Independent, Redhead (you know who you are! :) ), I started a new POV character. Okay, so her advice was really to skip ahead and write the next thing I envision, but the reason I was stuck was because I thought I needed to keep on with Marietta. In truth, I needed to leave Marietta at a sort of cliff hanger, and bring in another character.

When I started this WIP, I thought, it'll be a straightforward, one person POV story. Everything through Marietta's eyes. She's my main character. This is her story.

But how often is a story ONE character's story? Rarely, if ever.

I realized there needs to be more in this story than just Marietta. I need her to have, as Stephen King puts it in the Dark Tower series, a ka-tet. She needs people to help her. Alone she is just one person who has no idea who she is. With others, she has the strength, the skills, the tools to carry out her destiny. They aren't her crutches by any means. They complete her.

So, I sat down and opened a new page in my Scrivener binder and labelled it "Figuring shit out" and I figured shit out.

Bam. Done. Now, to write it.

Luckily, while figuring shit out, I wrote some very brief, not too detailed character vignettes about Marietta's ka-tet. So I sort of have an idea of who they are. In the first 305 words of this new POV character, she already surprised me by taking a pub wench to bed.

This story is about the balance of good and evil, the salvation in love, and the power of sacrifice.

Peace and Keep Writing,
Claire L. Fishback


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