Steal This

I just finished reading a gem of a little book called Steal Like an Artist. by Austin Kleon. It's a marvelous book that, all in all, reminded me to remember the little things about life. For me it was a combination "this is how you do it" book and a reminder to take time to stop and smell the roses. To notice things. To go and create and make things.

Which brings me to an update on the current WIP.

I have reached A Point.

A Point is a part in the WIP where I don't have a clue what happens next. I even left off with a little tiny cliff hanger - a twig snaps and someone behind Marietta says, "Don't move."

This happens after an escape/flee for her life scene and right at the minute she thinks she is safe from her pursuers.

But... I don't know who this mystery person is!

My friend Smite-Thee told me to just write it out, see where it goes. Discover who this person is as I write, which is the usual way I do things. For some reason, though, I've lost "my way."

I think a while back I posted about what I thought, at the time, was "my way" and now it's something totally different. I now know I cannot put a label on any one thing and say it's my way. My way is ever evolving and shifting. The first part of my book was loosely plotted up to this point where this mystery person appears. The second part might be by the seat of my pants, who knows? I may publish this post and go write the loose narrative plot outline for the next 10K words.

I need freedom. I need to be liberated.

So, when Fishubby and I go to Europe at the end of this week (so effing excited!) I am leaving my computer at home and I will be writing in a notebook with a pen. Yes, it will be tedious at first. My hand will cramp. I'll wish I had my keyboard so I could write as fast as I think. I'll wish this and that, but it will be liberating. I know it will be. And, I don't have to haul my little computer around everywhere. I can have my notebook and a pen and write in Paris, and Amsterdam, and Brussels, and Bruges, and  Lille, and Mons, and all the other places we go where I hope to find inspiration in the architecture and the gardens and the people and the languages!!!

I'm so excited.

Go buy Steal Like an Artist. You won't be disappointed.

Keep Writing,
Claire L. Fishback


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