CoGoWriCon Withdrawals

Wow. What a weekend.

I find myself a little grumpy today back at YODJ (Ye Olde Dae Jobb), and I believe it has to do with the fact that I spent three fantastic days surrounded by my kin and kindred. And now I'm back here. Behind the desk. Not writing, but working.

Makes YODJ seem like a waste of my time, actually.

But, I need money to pay the bills.

So, I'm having Writer's Conference withdrawals. Post Writer's Conference Depression. Whichever, I'm feeling a little down and wish the conference could have lasted one more day. But even then it wouldn't have been enough. I'd wish for one MORE day. Then another, then another. Because there's something about spending time with people who understand you, and people who are or have gone through the same up and down roller coaster called writing that gives you that sense of belonging. And anyone who knows about the heirarchy of needs, the need to belong is one of the top ones.

Though I feel blue today, I also feel pumped up and energized and ready to get back to work on my novel!

I was "this close" to wanting to abandon it, but everyone I told my premise to thought it sounded awesome.

I met some fantastic new friends and hope we can stay in contact throughout the next year. I can't wait!

It'll take me a bit of time to sort through my notes, but I will post soon about what I thought were the most important things I learned at the conference.

Until then...

Keep Writing!

Claire L. Fishback


Giles Hash said…
I had a great time at the conference! I learned a LOT, met some great people, and came away with some awesome news (not life changing, but definitely confirming that I'm doing something right). :D
YES! Congratulations! I definitely came home with confirmation that I'm on track. It's great, isn't it? To know we aren't wasting time on our passions?

Keep Writing!

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