YODJ, Running, and More!

Life has been one big fat whirlwind lately! Hence the no contact. Sorry for the prolonged absence.

Ye Olde Dae Jobb (YODJ) has been hectic with preparations for a December 3rd Go Live on a huge project we've spent the past two years implementing peice by peice. It's only going to get busier. Which means my writing time is going to be limited. I may have to adjust my schedule to accomodate evening writing times, or get my butt outta bed to write in the morning (not likely since I love my sleep).

That being said, the current WIP has been put on hold for a couple weeks and my writing goals and deadlines are falling by the wayside.

On top of that, you may recall, I am training for a half marathon that takes place on September 30th. I got sick a couple Wednesdays ago and was off track with my training program for about 10 days. My first run in that time was yesterday and I feel like I'm back at square one, though I think I just had a bad running day. It happens. I had almost two weeks of running consistently, upping my mileage, before i had a bad running day BEFORE I got sick, so I think it is okay that I had a bad one after being sick, since it was my first day back out on the trails.

I did take a lunch break today and I wrote about 850 words, which is better than the big fat zeros I've been doing these past two weeks. I feel like I've been gone from the story for too long. I've lost the momentum, the voice, the characters. But the way I write is complicated. I pound out a fast and shitty first draft, then I rewrite the whole thing. I need that fast shitty first draft to get the story down. Then I can make it even better, and even better from there. This story is nice and straightforward. One POV character with a whole cast of supporting roles.

I'm about 1,000 words shy of 40K words. I'm hoping to get to 50K by the end of the week, but we'll see. That is very ambitious, but this is a slower week than what I've been having so I have no excuse to not write during my lunch hour.

In other news, the Colorado Gold Writer's Conference is coming up in two weeks! I'm super excited. This is my first time going. I've only heard great things about it. I'll come home on Sunday the 9th around 2pm with a brain that feels like mush from everything I've learned. I'll sort through the information and take what I want and discard what doesn't work for me. It's going to be GREAT. And I can't wait.

So, running, writing... I should change the name of this blog to The Running Writer. Or something like that... but I've already ordered business cards that say WriteFish. Perhaps a running blog that is separate. I don't know. I'll figure it out though!

Keep Writing!

Claire L. Fishback


Giles Hash said…
SO excited to hear you're coming to the conference! And good luck with the running :D
Hopefully we'll get a chance to meet! Thanks for the good luck!
Giles Hash said…
I'll definitely be around. Best place to find me on Friday will probably be at the lobby bar between the last workshop and dinner. Make sure you check out the hospitality suite, too! GREAT place to meet other writers, agents and editors :)

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